I got the idea for Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse when I was a sophomore in college.  After going to my local comic shop to buy my weekly comics I would go to a cute little indie coffee shop directly across the street and read every comic that I purchased.  But that routine was interrupted when the coffee shop closed, and after buying my comics each week I was at a loss with my favorite coffee spot closed.  That’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be cool if there was a place where you could not only buy comics, but you could hang out, read them,  and maybe get into a friendly (and geeky) conversation?  That was a place I would love to frequent, and I was sure I wasn’t the only one.


But that was just the seed.  As time passed I began to see the fullness of what Amalgam could be.  As a woman of color that enjoys comics, I have always been aware that I am in the minority, both as a woman and as a person of color.  It felt very lonely and it was easy to feel out of place in the fantasy world of comic books, a world dominated by straight white males. The internet and social media specifically has changed that.




Now people who have been overlooked by the mainstream comic world can find a voice online.  This has enabled comic fans to become more vocal about who they are and what they want to see in the medium that they love; now you can find whole online communities of people who do not fit the stereotype of what a comic book fan looks like.

I soon realized that Amalgam could be a space that focused on inclusivity and diversity.  Promoting and celebrating the vastness of what comic books have become in genre, subject matter, and characters.   The comic world is large enough to welcome all into its borders.  Amalgam is passionate about featuring titles that are created by and feature characters that go beyond the straight white male paradigm.  We will create a space where everyone that enjoys comics feels comfortable, and if someone doesn’t enjoy comics they can still pop in for a tasty latte.

Amalgam’s goal is to create a space that builds community; in addition to our primary business we will host special events, movie nights, trivia nights, gaming tournaments, and geek inspired craft nights.  We would also like to offer summer workshops, introducing comics as art and as a vehicle of story-telling to children. Our focus would be on low-income, female, and minority children.  This connects with the goal of promoting diversity in comics because we believe that the only way to truly diversify comics is to diversify the potential pool of comic book creators.


Amalgam facebook




  1. Good morning I saw this article on my Facebook page. When my daughter was in the first to about the fourth grade I would buy for her comic books. These comics were African American of our historic people. We moved and I don’t have these comics now. Does your store have them? Or do you know where I can get them?

    1. Hello: I posted your comment on Ariell’s Facebook, is she hasn’t responded in a couple days let me see what other stores might be of service
      Thank you for reaching out

  2. Hi Adrian,

    Thanks so much for showing us some love and spreading the word about Amalgam!

    I looked at the comment and there’s not really a way to directly communicate with the writer. The link on her post seems to lead directly to Yahoo.

    Would you be able to update the post to include a blurb letting people know that they can reach out to us on our Facebook page with any questions or they can stop by and see us Tues-Sun at 2578 Frankford Ave in Philly? That way anyone with questions can reach out directly to us.

    Thanks again for the support!


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