Is’nana The Were-Spider


Created by   Greg Anderson-Elysee


IS’NANA: THE WERE-SPIDER: FORGOTTEN STORIES is the first comic book of an on-going series of one-shots of the son of ANANSI the Spider-God of Stories from West African lore.

Accidentally breaking a barrier between our world and theirs (called THE MOTHER KINGDOM), Is’nana, the son of Anansi, accepts the responsibility for releasing creatures of horror into our world, villains who want nothing more but to cause chaos and mayhem to achieve their own diabolical or selfish goals. With guidance from his father, Is’nana not only strives to live up to his father’s name but to also reach his own potential while he seeks to discover his individuality and place in the world.



One of the main themes of Is’nana: The Were-Spider is the fear of being forgotten, whether it’s not leaving a mark or impact in the world to being a forgotten legend of previously acclaimed status.


Growing up and having an interest in stories of the Africana Diaspora, I’m hoping this is the first of many stories I can produce in introducing many people to African and Black-based lore and characters that are unfortunately being passed on and in a sense forgotten. Rich characters that have so much potential for modern storytelling and will hopefully have a place today!


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