University of Alabama students create their own comic book company


Published: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at 11:00 p.


For more than a year, Ethan Newsome-Jackson and Kris Pearce have been obsessed with the same woman.

She only exists on paper, but for the two University of Alabama students, creating the character in the upcoming comic book “Breeze” has been grueling, mainly in how to present the heroine’s duality.

“She’s very care-free, where she enjoys all kinds of things, but she lives in a very dark world,” Newsome-Jackson said during a recent work session with Pearce at The Comic Store on Hargrove Road. “She actually gets through it and keeps her sense of humor about it.”


Even the way Breeze looks, complemented with spiky hair and a mask, is a combination of deliberate choices.

“A lot of feminine characters in the comic book world are usually sexy and the artists accentuate their body parts,” he said. “But with Breeze, we wanted to keep it sexy, but not have too much.”


As Newsome-Jackson sketches story panels for an upcoming issue, Pearce explains that “Breeze” was an effort to not only create a character that recalled the comic book heroines they grew up reading, but with a twist.

“We wanted to give a deadly character a fun power,” Pearce said. “She’s like a deadly fairy.”

When published, “Breeze” will become the next installment in the duo’s comic book company, Dream Ink Comics, which has produced five comics and sold more than 100 copies since distribution began in August.Click for full article

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