Comic Review Captain America, Spiderman & Ultimates




Since taking over the mantle of Captain America, Sam Wilson has allowed for a fresh new take on the character, and despite Steve Rogersreturning to the shield soon, we’ll gladly still get tales featuring a star spangled Sam Wilson. The creative team quickly remind us why this is a good thing, as before the Standoff crossover gets underway, we are given the final conflict between Sam and Serpent Solutions (for the now at least). What emerges from this is an explosive series of events, as despite Sam being out of the game, his allies do a fantastic job of bringing a beatdown to Serpent Solutions.

Nick Spencer continues to script this series, and over these past six issues there hasn’t been one moment where I’ve felt he hasn’t had a grasp of the story at hand. That once again remains the case within this issue, as despite Sam once again staying out of the spotlight in favour of newFalcon, Joaquin Torres, the narrative itself is as gripping as ever. It would however be the way Spencer balanced the various elements within these events that impressed me most, as although there remaining a political agenda behind proceedings, there was still room for light humour. Despite this there were a couple of minor things that bothered me, with the sudden development of Sam’s current werewolf state for one being rather disappointing. click for full article 


SPIDER-MAN #1 [Review] by Brandon Griffin

BOOM! Finally, Brian Michael Bendis’ Miles Morales book hits comic store shelves! We’ve seen Miles recently in some decent Avengers issues, but it did not fill the void left by the Ultimate Spider-Man series. Readers have suffered through a handful of delays as Marvel’s universe relaunches without having our second favorite Spidey return for too long.

It’s a bold move naming the book Spider-Man straight up, no more “ultimate” anything, this Spider-Man is here in this universe and isn’t going anywhere. I appreciate the strong title – readers buying this book know who the character is, no need to mud up the title any longer.

We catch up with Miles and his beloved friend Ganke, now noticeably older. Immediately, Miles is dealing with teenage drama such as girls and the struggles of dating while being a secret super hero. It’s an absolute joy seeing Ganke again and no time is wasted getting to a funny moment between the two friends. Miles’ trusty companion is the voice of reason

ULTIMATES #4 REVIEW by Omar Holmon

detail2Y’all want that lucrative character development? That world on world building? It’s here! Al Ewing continues to give us the background we need and deserve on one Adam Brashear, The Blue Marvel. It feels as if you can tell Ewing wasn’t done building up Blue Marvel over in his Mighty Avengers Run. We see his past come back to haunt him with the re-appearance of Anti-man who was once his old war buddy, Connor. Ewing does a great job retelling some behind the scenes events from Blue Marvel’s first appearance as well as how close he was to his friend now turned foe

A lot of this issues focuses on the turmoil of what Adam feels in seeing what his friend Connor has become and remembering what he took away as well. The viewer sees Connor as a helpless person at first, seeing flashes of his old life, and what he has done, while (apparently) moving in and out of sanity. It’s like he’s been sleepwalking for some time now and Blue Marvel is bout to wake his ass up with the rudeness! There still isn’t a de-facto leader in the group but it’s apparent that whoever grasps the situation the best or has more experience in the matter takes point. It’s cool to see Blue Marvel in the driver’s seat this time, plusssss we gotta talk about the neutral zone gear! click for full article


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