Agents of the Realm,

by Mildred Louis


College is usually described as a “life-changing experience.” A time when you find out a lot about yourself through taking new classes, experiencing dorm life, and meeting new people. But for Norah, Adele, Kendall, Paige, and Jordan, this also means finding out that they’re Magical Girls! Or…well…more like magical warriors who are in way over their heads.

As if juggling school, a personal life, and saving the world wasn’t hard enough, they find out that one of their teachers may be behind all the evil magic – and she has a twin sister in an alternate dimension who’s trying to reach into Earth to stop her!

Agents of the Realm is a story geared towards being inclusive and providing young women of color a chance to see themselves as the heroes of their own story. With a heavy focus on friendship, it aims to remind people of the importance of surrounding yourself with positive influences – and the unrivaled strength that comes from that.

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