Morning Thief by GraySky Podcast

2015 is going the be the year for you to add published at GraySky to your writers resume – Congratulations for all of your hard work.

Make certain that your short story is between 1,000 to 2200 words. You are responsible for all edits to your work and you will retain full author rights to your work.

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Morning Thief

Morning Thief originally aired in 2011 and 2012 to an audience of approximately 30,000 listeners. In podcast terms that is a heck of lot of folks that have listened to more than one episode. The average listener stayed with the story for 4-6 episodes. Many listeners stayed for more.

Morning Thief tells the story of Lil’ Man and his brother Carl. Their continued involvement with various people that shared the tenement they lived in with their single mother. The primary actor/reader of the Podcast Novel is Elijah H Muied aka Six Deep The Messenger one of the most talented spoken word artist I have the privilege of knowing. I was thrilled to have his talented voice on the Morning Thief project.

I hope that once we begin the story that you tell everyone you know to listen for the first time or list to it again. Morning Thief A Podcast Novel is told in serialized format. I will release episode 1-4 after that I will then issue 1 episode per week until we reach the end.

At the end of Morning Thief A Podcast Novel I will take a one week break and we will be returning with new audio short stories from writers around the world all with an Afrocentric theme. I look forward to your submissions and interest in the project.


Check out the podcast here

We are currently using as a test site establishing the look and feel of the final product. Which will be url linked on both sites.

Writers continue to check back for updates as well as writer information asking for submissions.



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