Comic Review. Spiderman, Cyborg, Midnighter & More



Okay, let me start over. To be truthful I wasn’t actually as emotionally equipped to begin this comic as I prepared for, so I will do you a favor and warn you now: have some tissues handy. While up to this point we’ve only seen glimpses Lunella’s repressed emotional self surface in the face of panic, this issue without a doubt solidifies her relationship with Devil Dinosaur as one that goes beyond practicality and has entered the realm of true friendship.

Now I’ve been geeking out about this meeting of Marvel’s most brilliant minds who both happen to be people of color since the final panel of issue #3, and the Totally Awesome Hulk does not disappoint. The spectacular fun of watching Lunella and Amadeus go head to head in a battle of wits is just as exciting as the hard-hitting fight scenes between the Hulk and Devil Dinosaur, not just because the two sides seems evenly matched, but also because of the striking similarities. Both Lunella and Amadeus are cocky, childish, and completely set in their ways, yet they struggle so hard to understand the other’s logic that it speaks volumes about their relationships to themselves and other people. Devil Dinosaur’s personality also becomes more developed as we discover that his first priority really is Lunella’s safety above all else. read more 




Lately I’ve wanted to like Cyborg. David Walker has basically had the right idea in breathing new life into a character that has desperately needed some depth for many years. The first story arc didn’t end as strong as it could have, and the new storyline, though promising, had a few problems. Most importantly, the artwork has been in a bit of a slump due to a severe case of “Not Having Ivan Reis,” but when intentions are good, there’s always room for redemption.

This issue furthers the story of S.T.A.R. Labs and Team Cyborg possibly in a political war with the government over the right to own cybernetics. Basically, it’s the DC cyberpunk version of Marvel’s Civil War. The story is mostly split between Team Cyborg urging Victor to take his current situation more seriously, the government circling the wagons and Cyborg teaming up with an unexpected guest that I would like to see way more of in the future. Walker’s characterization is proving to be the book’s bread and butter. These characters are starting to truly come into their own, feeling familiar and genuine in their interactions and reactions. Also, the near-obligatory theme of heroes of color posing a threat to government when they’re not actually doing anything wrong is always a winner. keep reading 

SPIDER-MAN (2016) #2



Y‘all muh fuckas gon’ learn to respect Miles Morales as the gawd of the 616, yo. Y’all gon’ to to accept it, and fucking love it. We pick up where we left off with Peter Parker arriving on the scene, seeing the damage and proceeding to ask Miles WTF just happened. Peter isn’t really giving the newbie the benefit of the doubt either (which feels rather uncharacteristic of Pete), but that serves as setup for when Blackheart returns and Miles proves (yet again) that his 616 gawd Twitter handle isn’t just for play. Peter sees it and dubs him Spider-Man.

The action this issue was great and Sara Pichelli displays Miles’ fighting as very unique and possibly the most spider-like we’ve seen of him, however the main fight isn’t the draw this issue — it’s everything going on post 2nd-round knockout with Blackheart. Bendis has Miles needing a moment to unleash the gross factor of fighting a demon in front of Ganke, and rightfully so, because that’s got to be an icky feelin keep reading

Midnighter #10 – About Who Can Walk Away

By Jeff Ayers


Midnighter has become my new favorite DC superhero, hands down, because of this series. I went in almost completely blind, knowing only basic information about the character. But now, Midnighter is not only one of the most exciting books on the shelf each month, but it is constantly ramping up the action and story arc. I am going to forgo the usual Best There is/Isn’t Very Nice and do something completely rare: I am giving Midnighter #10 a perfect “10”. Lets break it down to all the points that were downright amazing in this issue.

As if there isn’t a better place to start, lets talk about the cover: Drawn by ACO and colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr., it is an incredibly striking image of the evil Parasite seemingly sucking the life out of the Midnighter. Now, we all know that covers can, and usually are, a little misleading to get you the consumer to pick up the book off the shelf. This is no different, as the Parasite has little to do in this issue until it nears the end, and obviously he can’t really get the drop on the Midnighter! But the bright purples pop off the cover, and the yellow bones of Midnighter look eerie and grotesque, all the while creating a wonderful cover image.  read more  


Deadly Class #19 Review

by Jean-Luc Botbyl in Comic Books


Nineteen issues into Deadly Class, no one reading this review, or reading the series, should be surprised that the next 300+ words will consist solely of me raving about the quality of the book. It’s easily one of the best comics out there right now, and, really, everyone should be reading it in some form. Especially considering that, with each arc, it just seems to get better, and this arc is certainly no exception.

That being said, this issue is probably the weakest of the arc so far. Don’t get me wrong, it has everything that I love about Deadly Class. Over the top action, great dialogue, awesome character moments, the book’s characteristic aesthetic – that’s all here. In fact, there are some particularly great moments that I’ll touch on later. A couple of these moments were so strong that I thought this would be my favorite entry in the arc thus far. read more 




Listen, we are nine issues deep into We Are Robin and what Bermejo has done to build these characters and the mythos around them is similar to what Snyder has done over in Batman. The only difference is Bermejo is starting from scratch, which in itself offers more freedom. I loved this issue, we’re seeing the “Robins” (Are they? Aren’t they?) out in their civilians. We see each of them going through their own issue — Izzy with school and her future, Dax getting the weaponry right. Duke meets up with Izzy and we’re starting to see the bridge being re-established between the team. My true love of this is how the search for Duke’s parents has come to a close and is starting a different chapter, but this frees him up to focus on the team again. The true gem is we’re finally getting to see more detail into what other members have been up to, their feelings, and the monsters within them.

I say monsters in a good and bad sense. We saw glimpses of Dre’s evolution as a vigilante and we get even more of it this issue. Dre is turning into a beast. The true shine for a good portion of this book comes from Riko. We see Riko having to deal with some emotion, and the way that shit gets unleashed? THE GIRL IS A SAVAGE! That’s all I’ma tell you. That’s all you get, but trust you’re going to love it. read more


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