Too Taboo?

Is hermaphrodite a taboo topic?

 by  Jackie Laberif

How do you identify someone with a male build and stature but self-identify as female or a woman build and stature, but self-identify as male?  Well, that was Phoebe Hart’s story.  Until she was 5 there was no evidence of any issues.  From age 12 to 15 she noticed that she did not get her period like other girls her age.  Not wanting to talk about the reality of her condition, her mother told her she couldn’t have children.  Then when she was 17 her mother had already scheduled surgery unknowing to her.  She had her internal testes, removed when she was 17 years old and during that time she discovered that her younger sister was also a hermaphrodite and unaware.  Now, Phoebe is married to a heterosexual male, and they have an adopted daughter.  In an interview in 2012, Phoebe Hart said, “I also use the term hermaphrodite to describe myself – it’s a provocative word and can be offensive, but I think it can be reclaimed in an empowering way.” READ MORE

Daddy: Carley’s Diary

Jackie Laberif



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