Cover Issues: Best Covers for Feb 2016

 I present to you the best comic  covers for February 2016


Spawn 261 Cover by Erik Larsen
Spawn261-Cvr-0d95eERIK LARSEN

with this cover Eric Larsen illustrates the rare unicorn in comics. A black couple  on the cover of a comic Bravo Mr Larsen, Bravo


Mystery Girl #3 Cover by Alberto Alburque

Mystery GIRL-3-FC-4x6-SOL-6a4e3-6b098 alberto Alburquerque

Alburque borrowed a page from Dave Johnson with color and design the results are impressive

The Goddamed # 4 Cover by R.M. Guera


Both majestic and menacing

No Mercy #7 Cover by Carla Speed McNeil

NoMercy07-Cvr-78300CARLA SPEED McNEIL

McNeil is clearly channeling Barry Windsor Smith with this detailed image of a soldier viewing something off the page

The Sheriff of Babylon #3 Cover by John Paul Leon

SHRFBAB-Cv3-36bac John Paul Leon

 Artist John Paul Leon creates a somber mood with horrors of war in the background Mucha would be proud

We Are Robin #9  Cover by Lee Bermejo


Just when you believe every Joker cover has been done. Lee Bermejo blows us away with this beauty


Silk #4 Cover by Helen Chen SILK2015B004-cov-f9608.jpg

Chen covers are elegant colorful and a pleasure to the eyes


Red Wolf #3 Cover by Jeffrey Veregge, Julian Totino Tedesco


More graphic design than illustration but Jeffrey Veregge and Julian Totino Tedesco art  strikes your curiosity, so it does its job

Miles Morales Spideman #1 (Hip Hop Variant) Adi Granov

Hip-hop variant COVER by Adi Granov

Taking from Nas the quintessentiaHip Hop variant captured by Adi Granov

Power Man & Iron Fist #1 Cover by Sandford Greene


Sanford Greene makes it clear the powere and the fury are back!

The Totally Awesome Hulk #3 Cover by Frank  Cho


Art by the great Frank Cho nuff said

Did I miss a cover? If so, let me know who I should have included especially you independents


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