Mysteries in Black

There are many programs designed to make you smarter but I doubt anything will challenge your brain like a good mystery.

All the puzzle pieces are right there in printed form but you can’t quite put it together.

Nor fill you with as much bliss when it all comes together

Below is a list of mysteries ready to take your brain through some paces

Pyramid Deception (Hannibal Jones Mystery Series)

Austin S. Camacho 


Private Eye Hannibal Jones takes on the most important client of his life: Cindy Santiago, the woman he loves. Cindy has been betrayed by a close friend and taken in a scam that has left her almost penniless. The swindler has not only taken her money, he has stolen her confidence and robbed her of her will to live. Hannibal’s only lead is Irene, the woman who got Cindy’s friend involved and wants to run away with him. She may hold the key to Cindy’s problem . . . until she is gunned down right in front of Hannibal in a drive by shooting. When Irene’s body disappears Hannibal is the top suspect in a plot to help her and her boyfriend escape. Now he needs to clear his name and recover Cindy’s money. As more murders follow, Hannibal must unravel the complex scheme before he and Cindy become the next victims. read excerpt

Special Interest (Angela Bivens Mystery)


Talent and money, artists and patrons, agents and impresarios, music and drama – it was all coming together in the glittering gala opening of the Golden Gate Opera House. Or it was until rehearsals became tryouts for murder. Carver Bascombe was a private eye who did everything with style, and playing bodyguard to a sexy opera star was his idea of work. But style wasn’t going to be enough to keep this job from being his swan song as a sex-crazed assassin and a bizarre terrorist cult invisibly orchestrate a deadly drama. The houselights dim, the overture begins, the curtain rises, as Bascombe blasts his way through a violent libretto of vengeance, deceit, and betrayal to an explosive backstage finale where he has the solo. click to order


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