Hot Drama Tuesday

Somebody get me a towel, its burning up in here and its not the weather


From the Back: The Thirst of a Sneaky Bitch


Yvette, Felicia, and Bebe – known as Dream, Freeze Frame, and Buttercup – are getting money fast as a trio clique in the strip world of Detroit. They’ve got fans, carefree lifestyles, but dark pasts. Dream is the celebrity of the clique, making the most money and stunting as such. Freeze Frame is the modest hustler, who’s in it for the most gain and willing to do whatever it takes to come up off her knuckles. And Buttercup is the Vet, hungry to make sure her name is known and remembered. These girls work like magic as a team; but the thirst of a sneaky bitch dismantles the entire friendship and gets a few folks killed in the process. What lies will be told? What games will be played? Who will fall victim behind someone’s thirst? After reading “From the Back”, you’ll most certainly be watching your back. Not all enemies are meant to be kept close!

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