Stop killing off characters of color to give white characters something to feel

6/8/16 4:38 PM

Marvel’s superheroes are at war with each other. Again.


In case you haven’t been paying attention to the comics, Marvel’s in the midst of yet another crossover event: Civil War II, a massive battle between the world’s heroes over whether or not it’s appropriate to seek justice against supervillains before they commit crimes.

On one side, you have Carol Danvers (codename Captain Marvel), the intergalactic protector of the earth, who believes in preventing crimes before they happen. On the other, you’ve got Tony Stark (codename Iron Man), arguing that using visions of the future to hunt down criminals who haven’t technically done anything wrong yet is morally suspect.


Caught between them is James Rhodes (codename War Machine), one of Marvel’s most high-profile black superheroes. He’s Captain Marvel’s boyfriend, Iron Man’s best friend, and the first major character to die as a result of Civil War II. keep reading 


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