Swamp Lust

Luther (Amber Satyr) by Roy C. Flannagan

A swamp Negro … a white trash woman … a tragic hunger.

This is the story of Luther, a bronze giant, a swamp Negro, proud of his Indian blood. Luther had a daughter, fast-blossoming, almost a woman, and very much interested in men. She was a problem.

But she was nothing compared to Sarah, the wife of a neighboring farmer. For Sarah was lush and full and handsome, and when she looked at Luther’s great elastic body, her look burned bright with desire. Luther knew what she wanted. He also knew she was a white woman


Swamp Man  Donald Goines


George Jackson was a “Swamp Man,” born and bred in the dark watery woods of Mississippi. He was a gentle young man who turned deadly as a water moccasin after he saw what the four hill boys did to his sister. They caught her soon after she got off the bus, home from her first year of college. When they were through with her, she let her mind shut down, fearing to remember. Slipping through the swamps like a ghost, George stalked them, one by one…


Master of Blackoaks  by Ashley Carter


Underneath the facade of respectability hide a multitude of sins, so goes the theme of Master of Blackoaks. The novel opens up with a slave breeder by the name of Baxter Simon arriving at the Blackoaks plantation looking for a slave of his that ran away. He’s accompanied by a young boy called Gree, who has no tongue because Simon had cut it out as an example to his other slaves of what was in store for them if they lied. Can’t make a threat and not follow through, right? Unbelieveable. And then it gets more and more unbelievable as Simon finds his missing slave and proceeds to kill her with a bullwhip and feed her to the hogs. The tone being set, on the book goes, covering such topics as gang rape, interracial sex gay & straight, and animal torture.


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