Dear America: Are You Ready For A Bulletproof Black Man Like Luke Cage?




You love Luke Cage, eh?

cheo coker luke cageThere I sat inside the main hall of the 2016 Comic Con in San Diego. I mean, this was a room of geek having a simultaneous nerdgasm.

But all I saw was you, America. An hundreds of nerds were like Romans at a gladiator’s arena.

As a lifelong comic fan, I have seen my share of excitement around heroes, but this was remarkably unique. Marvel unveiled “Luke Cage,” a new series on Netflix that drops September 30. There were heroes before the comic legend once known as Power Man, but few have been as palatable and wildly popular especially to Black youth. But, for a moment in time I saw you, America, yelping approvingly for a beloved Black man.


Somehow a Black man has managed to slip into your world under the guise of a super hero, which is wildly confounding amidst today’s social and political conditions. White people cheering for a Black hero such as Cage. America, are you REALLY ready for a bulletproof man of color?

Fan boys and girls alike were in sheer unhinged bliss for a Black male superhero with bulletproof skin. Furthermore, Luke Cage is a convict deeply entrenched in the streets of Harlem. Falsely convicted of a crime, Cage still manages to overcome and use his super strength and durable body frame for good. In the Netflix series, Luke Cage is played by Mike Colter, who truly encapsulates the essence of the Marvel-made hero.

When bullets bounce off Cage in the official trailer, fans roared. When he tosses criminals around, they got more excited. It really is fascinating when you compare and contrast it with what is going on in the United States these days. The racial tension is thicker than I’ve ever encountered in my life. If Cage were real, would you be so supportive, America?

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