All Hail the Empress

New York City’s Finest: A Street Lit Novella

by Empress Simone



Become engrossed as Empress Simone spins a tale of epic proportions. A tale which details the battle between good and evil actions of the Thompson Family. Their battle is like the destructive vortex of twisting winds which can be seen inside a twirling tornado. See how everything unfold when friends and family members start clashing from an intense sibling rivalry between twin sisters named Maisha and Miracle Thompson. This rivalry is culminated by a mother’s hatred and fear of one of the twins she birthed. Follow along as the more outspoken and sociable twin Maisha, blazes her path, in her own right, throughout New York City’s Concrete Jungle while coping with teen pregnancy, Police Corruption and a loose cannon of a boyfriend. In the midst of it all, throw in a father’s thirst and hunger to protect the one daughter he has felt was slighted and see how rough it become for this young woman and her loved ones. See who wins and who loses as Maisha, the Beautiful and Precocious twin, battles to live and become New York City’s Finest also finding her true Knight in Shining Armor in the interim to save her from it all. click for more 


New York City’s Finest:

A Street Lit Novella 2


The Thompson Family is back in this tantalizing urban thriller. They are trying to build a harmonious bond together despite their previous trouble as a unit.
The lively Maisha is digging the new man, Manny, in her life. He is turning out to be the Knight in shining armor she always wanted until the same old characters show up and tragedy rears its ugly head once again.
The waters are tested, trust, along with loyalty, are weak and the ties that bind have broken.
With Damarius and Tamara in the fray, find out who will survive this game of cloak and dagger as the quieter twin Miracle take the for more 


Geena: A Bronx Chick’s Story


Meet Geena Samuels, a single mother raising two sons in one of New York City’s toughest boroughs. This Bronx Story is nothing like you’ve ever witnessed before. Geena encounters violence and betrayal from those who claim to love her most. She is on a roller coaster ride of a struggle to make ends meet and find true love with emotions raging between love and anger that sometimes lead to war. One such war is the battle between her and best friend Abby who has her hood winked while they are in search of the fast money lifestyle. Abby is wild, reckless and jealous of Geena. Unbeknownst to Geena, Abby is committed to destroying her, the one true person who trusts her. During it all the one saving grace seem to be Geena’s sponsor who helps with the bills and Geena’s expensive shopping habits. However his real intentions are covered by the financial security he provides. Will Geena survive the game, or the web of deceit her best friend Abby or Sponsor have woven, or will naivety and greediness be the cause of her demise? click to read more



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