The Man is No Good, but oh so Good

My First Taste Of A Bad Boy

My First Taste Of A Bad Boy by [Mz. Biggs]
Why do we always want what we don’t need?
Keshia seemed to think she wanted a bad boy like her best friend My’Aja. She dealt with her crazed boyfriend, D’Wayne’s thinking he was the perfect bad boy for her, until she met Lucky. Lucky proved to be all that she desired in a man and more, causing her to fall in love with him! But, when his true colors start to show, will love be enough to keep Keshia happy?
Lucky grew up in the streets. He eat, sleeps, and breaths money. Keshia walks into his life making him see there is more to life than money, though. He can’t resist being with other women. His heart is cold, and he doesn’t show mercy on anyone that comes at him the wrong way! There is something about Keshia that makes him want to do right by her. But with his cocky attitude, he could risk losing Keshia and himself in the streets…
Keshia’s faced with the ultimate question…is loving a bad boy really worth it? Follow Keshia on her journey of getting her First Taste of A Bad Boy click for more

My Ambitions as His Ridah


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