Transitions and Awakenings: No Regrets


I was introduced to Sanguine Press via Twitter; they are a new face in the publishing industry that desires to “Uplift, support, and nurture the kinds of creative media that we want to see, now and in the future.” And that’s totally in line with my personal mission working for BNP: to use our platform to help spread the word about such folks. I love the written word and I know there’s certainly a market for it.

This anthology, the first offering for Sanguine Press seeks to be their gateway product to lay the foundation for all that’s to come. But anthologies are a dime a dozen, right? You can find them anywhere and everywhere. What makes this one special? What makes this one standout? Why is this anthology any different? In this corner is our rookie newcomer, Sanguine Press with an anthology that is:

  • Entirely focused on stories with characters of color as the main characters.
  • Featuring stories focusing on the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genres.
  • Includes a Black, female main editor who has a background which includes marketing and copy writing.
  • A diverse and thoughtful selection of stories.
  • A really, really gorgeous cover image!
  • A really unique and powerful theme (that’s elaborated on later further down!)
  • keep reading 





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