Blacktastic: A Podcast of Black Scifi and Fantasy Stories


People of African descent can – and do – relate to the experiences in Science Fiction and Fantasy. But the lack of self-images in these genres can have a negative effect on the psyche of readers and can, indeed, contribute to negative behavior. We derive our perceptions of self by what we hear, see, and read and our perception directly affects our actions.

The Process of Action works as follows: 1. Perception (precedes thought) 2. Thought (precedes impulse) 3. Impulse (precedes action) 4. Action. If the perception of ourselves is a person who lacks courage, integrity, and goodness – because we do not see ourselves possessing heroic qualities in most books – the thought creeps into our minds that we lack those heroic qualities, so we are – by default – people in need of rescue (victims), or worse, villains. The thought grows into a strong impulse to be the victim or villain; and finally, the action of being victim or villain takes place. However, if – through Fantasy and Science Fiction written with Black characters as the heroes – we begin to perceive ourselves as heroic…as hard working…as good…we will act in accord with how we perceive ourselves.

We need stories that do not deny race or the historical implications of it, while remaining unhindered by the racism that may be present. We need strong Black images in speculative fiction.

Blacktastic unapologetically gives you Black heroes and sheroes in the stories we present each week. We will bring you the best in Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror and the subgenres of Black Speculative Fiction – Steamfunk, Rococoa, Dieselfunk, Cyberfunk and Sword & Soul – in a weekly podcast.

Each podcast will feature the reading of a short story by an author of Black Speculative Fiction, followed by a Q&A with the author from fans of the genre.


This first episode features the Rococoa (pronounced ro-KO-ko) story, An Omnibus Ride in Scarlet, by Balogun Ojetade, from the Rococoa Anthology!

CREDITS – Director: Balogun Ojetade; Producers: Balogun Ojetade and Parris Starchia; Voice Actors: Balogun Ojetade (Intro; Driver), Akinbobola Donaldson (Narrator), Kalonji Jama Changa (Leroy), Tauheedah Abdullah (Claudia)

Click for Episode 1


The first story is Mudholes and Mississippi Mules, a Steamfunk tale by Malon Edwards, from the Steamfunk! Anthology!

The second story is a fantasy story, written in the rhythm of an African folktale, The Silver Suit of Dancing by Michelle M. Pessoa, from The Tricks of Ghouls.

Finally, we have Knowledge, a Cyberfunk story by Milton Davis, from The City: A Cyberfunk Anthology.

Click here for episode 2


Now sit back, relax and enjoy another Blacktastic ride!

For more information check out Chronicles of Harriet 


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