Black Ink Trailer

  Published on Jan 4, 2017

Black Ink: Examining the contributions to the comic book industry by people of color

With movie studios and television networks mining comics for source material, as well as internet shows devoted to comic books, comics are big business and diversity takes center stage. Black creative talent does not always feel fairly represented in an industry that has been described traditionally as “a hobby for white guys.” More reflective of present day multi-cultural society as well as the market for comics, Black Ink takes a closer look at the comics industry and the black men and women inside it. Shawn Martinbrough, Chris Williams, Anthony Piper, LeBeau Underwood, Barbara Brandon-Croft, Jamal Yaseem Igle, Joe Illigde, Regine Sawyer, Eric Battle, Tim Fielder, John Jennings and others all share their stories of struggle, personal commitment and triumph. Their challenges and victories in overcoming stereotypes and replacing them with archetypes will shape future generations of comic creators, fans and pop-culture


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