Why are you Sleeping on David Walker when you should be Sleeping with him?

we see heroes tackling these great big global problems. So, the question then becomes if you can save the world from ending, but you can’t save people from getting gunned down in the streets, are you really doing any good?”

David Walker


In addition to being an award-winning journalist, filmmaker David F. Walker is the most important Black writer in comics today. His stories speak to issues that is pat of the fabric of Black life, racism, incareation, and the need for ones humanity to be recognized. And like his namesake Walkers writing calls for black unity and self-help in the fight against oppression and injustice.  His new series Luke Cage drops on May 17th and it should be on your pull list. There is a lot of talk about writers who can accurately reflect Black life, David Walker is that writer and you should not be sleeping on. Check out his work below.


Shaft A Complicated Man


‘Shaft: A Complicated Man’ offers an updated approach to the original Badazz Mofo a gritty crime noir that’s an homage and immediate click for more

Walkers Take

Walker gives us Shaft backstory. Home from Vietnam and working as a boxer. Shaft is every angry Black man struggling to surviive in a world that constantly changes the rules . When he’s asked to throw a fight, he winds up in the kind of trouble he doesn’t want to be in. On the outs from Harlem, he finds himself working as security for a department store, where he meets a beautiful woman. Alas, things can’t last, and she is being hunted for information she has. Shaft intervenes, as the only Shaft can, but he learns some lessons along the way. He finds himself seemingly over his head, but right in the comfort zone, we know for Shaft. ()


As a result of the New 52, elements of DC characters like Cyborg’s history were altered from the previous incarnation’s. in 2011 Geoff Johns re-introduction involved Vic Stone receiving powers from technology derived from Apokolips. Click for more

Walkers Take

I’ve never been much of a fan of Cyborg, never seeing the fascination in Black man that was half machine. And all workhorse. Apparently, Walker also peeped that concept, if you look closer at his take on Cyborg you will see that underneath the alien invasion is a story about the ownership of black bodies and the recognition of one’s humanity. Walker did something that only a woke writer would. He enhanced Vic’s powers giving him the ability to change his metal frame so he could look human. (something any teen would want) I asked Walker if the idea to bring humanity to Vic Stone was his idea. Yes, he said but since he was leaving the series his changes wouldn’t last and they didn’t. Try harder DC


Nighthawk was Marvel’s re imagining Batman for their own purposes. What started as a parody became a part of the Marvel Universe In 2003 J. Michael Straczynski and Gary Frank re imagined the group Raymond Kane was giving a new origin and crime-fighting purpose his rage equaled that of the dark knight. Click for more

Walkers Take

Rather than a have a series where the city (Chicago in this series}, is the cesspool of crime and the hero goes after a local bad guy. In Walker’s nighthawk crime is a more complex animal, the greed of the wealthy rather than a bad guy with a clown face true criminals
To quote a reviewer the greed of the wealthy creates conditions where crime manifest in many ways this is a political statement. This is about an America where few shamelessly rich throw a society into poverty just to get still more shamelessly rich. And all of them are white. And some of them say they want to make America great again.

Luke Cage Iron Fist


 Luke Cage and Danny Rand AKA  Power Man and Iron Fist returned to Harlem  to meet old friends, hired goons, crime lords, weird magic and plenty of action. Illustrated by Sanford Greene  Power Man & Iron Fist is a must have in any collection click for more

Walkers Take

Introducing “Street Magic,” something a highbrow sorcerer like Dr. Strange would know nothing about, Walker layered series examines the plight of bad guys attempting to reform in a society that has them pigeon hole. A microcosm of this countries unjust judicial system as it relates to people of color this series should be in middle and  high schools and discussed in colleges.


Occupy Avengers


Super heroes – they’re a privileged class. Doing what they want, when they want, and suffering no consequences. They have no regard for the ordinary people who are left behind to suffer in their wake. Who will stand up for the little guy? There is a man. If you can find him, and if he believes in your story, he and his friends will put things right. Some call him an outlaw, rebel, Robin Hood. To others, he is a hero. No powers to speak of – just skills, smarts and a burning drive to take back justice. The man’s name is Hawkeye. He doesn’t look for trouble, but trouble finds him – and he’ll quickly drag Western hero Red Wolf into it as well! It’s a shame that they’re facing certain death; they would have made a great team. click for more

Walkers Take

Walker takes Clint Barton from the Avengers to the A-Team traveling the country addressing issues that reflect real concerns in this nation like water accessibility and immigration in the first two story lines And finally Red Wolf is being handled by a writer who sees move than a stereotype Occupy is a brave move by Marvel handled by a writer intouch with the times.

Purchase Luke Cage, order the books above, curl up in your bed and enjoy the writing of Marvels most Awoke writer.

AJHarper is the writer of the Tales of Urban Horror series ou can follow him on twitter @HarperWorx


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