Kiss the Sky: A Paranormal Romance by Nigia Stephens


Soaring naked over the towers of Manhattan, winged Sulnat discards her Valkyrie armor in favor of gliding through the peaceful skies. When dark, handsome Iraqi vet Jeremiah Gleason spies her midnight flights, she senses his wonder and swelling passion. Sulnat knows the love of human fighters is forbidden to her people… but what happens on Earth stays on the Earth. Or does it?
Kiss the Sky is a short story that will continue. Join the adventure!

Nigia has read her prose and short stories in the New York City area since 1989. She explores alternative fiction, erotica and the myriad forms of fantasy. Her other writing includes The Love of Dangerous Creatures, a BDSM thriller/romance; Blood Sutra, a vampire saga; and A Time of Blood and Fire, her debut novel.

Nigia was spotlighted as a new talent at Read it at


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