Eight Delightfully Queer Webcomics

Another great post from Comic book Femme Fatale I added images and links but the brains, website selections and writing is all hers . Visit her site early and often


Always Human– I binged this beautiful comic. Comic isn’t the right word though. To quote Garnet from Steven Universe, this comic is an “experience”. With individualized songs for each panel or episode, the tone of the story is wonderfully conveyed. The sci-fi tale of two young women falling in love against the backdrop of the technological renaissance is moving, sweet, and wonderfully ordinary all at once. Their relationship is like many and yet wholly other. The supporting cast is filled with genderfluid, agender, and asexual characters, all of whom are fleshed out even in the brief moments we meet them.


O Human Star– I don’t read many love stories staring gay men, but this comic makes me want to seek more out. Al is the gruff, cautious older man slowly brought out of his shell by his enthusiastic assistant, Brendan. Their world end when Al dies- and begins again sixteen years later. Al is the father of modern robotics, and the world (and Brendan) aren’t through with him yet. Another story with queer (and feminist!) characters all around, O Human Star is about love, family, second chances, and this question: Is there anything artificial about artificial intelligence?

Spinnerette- This gem is a guilty pleasure of mine. A self referential tale of a nerdy grad student who accidentally gets spider powers, this webcomic could have easily become another Peter Parker knock-off. The often hilarious tales of superhero shenanigans instead tackles real world issues like serious illnesses, queer relationships, North Korea, and race…all while in a world where Ben Franklin is still alive, Canada’s top hero is Anne of Green Gable’s cis male descendant in a dress, and everyone calls African American hero Tiger “Black Tiger” just because. Look out for the adorable coupling of Mecha Maid and Spinnerette, a rare example of a queer couple involving a disabled woman of color.


Questionable Content– Seriously, if you haven’t read QC yet, what are you doing on the internet? Go. Go now. Read through the archives. Fall in love, mourn, yell at your screen, ship the most unlikely pairings. This comic is so real; depression, alcoholism, dominatrix mothers, robot fight club, trans women, gay women, bi women, drones. It sounds crazy all together but it works.  Come back when you’re done.


The Young Protectors– Superhero Yaoi. Basically what would happen if Slade Wilson was gay and started dating Nightwing. The artwork is traditional comic book style, but the story is anything but. LOTS of sex. So much sex. NSFW


Girls with Slingshots- I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this webcomic before, but if I haven’t, it’s a travesty. It’s friends if friends had a dominatrix librarian, a gay guy, a bi girl, an asexual girl, and a whole roller derby team of lesbians. I love this comic so much and I still haven’t accepted that it’s over.


As The Crow Flies- I’d say Lumberjanes with Trans and people of color, but that already describes Lumberjanes. ATCF is a more realistic look at summer camps and the kids who are learning to live outside of social norms. The cast is a bunch of woke girls on a hiking trip learning more about themselves and the world around them.


Nimona– AND SPEAKING OF LUMBERJANES! By the same creator comes the story of an evil super villain who isn’t so evil, his arch rival the brave knight (who is less rival and more boyfriend), and his evil, gender fluid shape shifter sidekick Nimona. It’s adorable, heart breaking, and wickedly clever.


Menagie a Tois– As the title would suggest, this one is NSFW. Drawn in the style of Archie comics, this is the story of a nerdy every man who falls into a life filled with bi roommates, porn stars, comics, punk rock girl bands, and sexy fun of the straight and queer varieties.


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